School Year 2018-2019 Meal Prices

  • Elementary K-6 Breakfast - $1.35
  • Elementary K-6 Lunch - $2.75


  • Secondary 7-12 Breakfast - $1.75
  • Secondary 7-12 Lunch - $3.00

  • Reduced Priced Breakfast - $.30
  • Reduced Priced Lunch - $.40
  • Adult Breakfast - $2.05
  • Adult Lunch - $3.65

    For the district charging policy and meal account procedures refer to the student handbook available on the corporation website.  

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School Lunch: Good for Kids and Good for Your Wallet
As the cost of just about everything continues to increase, school lunch is one meal that is still a great value, both nutritionally and economically! It remains a bargain compared to alternatives, such as bagged lunches and off-campus restaurants.

Save Money: Eat School Lunch
On average, it costs less to buy a school lunch than to bring a lunch from home. According to a meal-cost analysis, the estimated nationwide average cost of a lunch brought from home was $3.43. Based on the national average, families can save $243* a year if they choose school lunch.

*When lunch is purchased every day for a 180-day school year.
*According to a meal-cost analysis by Alice Jo Rainville, PhD, RD, CHE, SNS of Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI*